The video is from the Seven Seas Lagoon, which is a man-made lake that is in front of the Magic Kingdom. At about 1 minute into the video, you can see what the boat I was on looked like because the sister ship passes by. There are some still photos below of these Disneyworld ferry boats. Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom is so magical that you cannot walk to it. You have to arrive by either the futuristic monorail, or the old-time ferry boat. If you parked far away from the boat/monorail stations, then you may also get on the parking tram.

This page shows some seens of getting to Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom and a few scenes once you are there. This is the first page in a VERY LONG series of photos of Disneyworld and Epcot parks. You can follow the tour by using the arrows at the bottom of each page, or go to the Walt Disney World Photos index page (always in the yellow navigation bar at top and bottom).

These photos were taken in 2011.