This is the first page in a long series of pictures I took while taking a tour of Ireland. You probably can't look at them all. Clicking on the "Ireland" link at the top of the page will get you a more detailed menu of sites and places I traveled to. If you take a tour in downtown Dublin, you'll probably be shown the Georgian section with all the nice...well, they have cool doors, anyway. You'll also probably see Trinity College and the Old Jameson Distillery. The Book of Kells is at the Trinity college and the Jameson place has Wiskey, although it's not actively making it there any more.

Dublin has many different kinds of architecture downtown, with a little suburban sprawl starting on the fringes. The River Liffey runs through Dublin. There was still a lot of construction going on around the city when I was there in 2004. Lots of building and people, although nobody wanted to talk about the Millenium Spire. Off the main streets, you can see there was an "Asian Food" store. It even has a Halal butcher. Not usually what I think of when I think of Asian food.

These photos were taken in 2004.