Ireland Panoramic Photo

The Dingle Peninsula is a very scenic place to go touring. It would probably be very spectacular if it wasn't so cloudy and rainy, although I've been told by an Irishman that you could get this kind of weather any time of the year. There really isn't a rainy season and the weather can change very quickly. This page is in the Killarney section because that is the nearest larger town on my tour.

If you take a tour that goes through southern Ireland, you will probably either tour the Ring of Kerry or the Dingle Peninsuala. I'm told the coastal scenery is similar. Lots of natural beauty and ocean cliffs in either case. On the Dingle Peninsula there is also the Blasket Center with a display of the Great Blasket Islands (where there is also a decent cafeteria). I only did a little sightseeing while in downtown Dingle, but it looks like it is a vacation spot even for people from Ireland. There are boating tours, Irish gift shops, lots of restaurants, and even a "Dingle World of Leisure" (not sure what that is).

These photos were taken in 2004.