Switzerland Panormaic

The photo of the statue in the grass is of Vladimir Navokov, and is right outside the Montreux Royal Plaza Hotel. This "Jazz Festival Town" is prepared for people on vacation / holiday. There are lots of restaurants and water activities, although things slow down in the winter. As you walk along the shore of Lake Geneva, towards Castle Chillon, there is a wide, paved path that leads you the whole way and gives you a great view of the French Alps, as well as the city of Montreux. Someone said the mountains you see are the ones on the Evian (water) bottle.

I also included an obligatory photo of the Freddie Mercury statue. He bought a large apartment in Montreux, so the city sort of "adopted" him. The other statue is of Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter. Earlier in the photo tour, I said I liked Lausanne better than Montreux. The guy at Switzerland is Yours seems to have summed up why fairly well.

These photos were taken in 2005.