Most of these pictures are simpy generic scenery from downtown Minneapolis. In the top right photo is a view of Nicollet Mall from the Hyatt Hotel. The center photo below is a view of the 7 story high waterfall at the IDS center (also on Nicollet Mall).

When compared with most cities around the world, Minneapolis is very new. The downtown area is laid out in a fairly logical grid pattern without a lot of very narrow roads. I've only driven a car in Minneapolis a few times, but it seems much more likely to get in traffic on the highway in to and out of the city than in downtown gridlock.

It is also very convenient to get to and from downtown Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Airport using the "light rail" system. You would have to roll your luggage from about 2-5 blocks to downtown hotels. One small complaint: They built the light rail system all the way to the airport and the Mall of Amercia, but there are no luggage racks on the trains?!

These photos were taken around 2007+/-.